May 10, 2011

The German embassy recommended these lawyers and it is always good to check out, how your own country is helping you. In our case this firm might not fit spiritually (c’mon, what do we have to do with skyscrapers??), but they did a thorough job at giving us the information we needed. We will settle down in a special industrial zone declared as a Music Industry Park in Shanghai (also the location of one of the first recording studios in China built in 1984!!!) which means that we are falling under special rules like foreign ownership is possible, tax is lower, money can be transferred  and thus your royalties paid. Nevertheless we will be recognized as a Chinese company which will entitlte us to a lot of good things in China like our own bank account and hiring people. The name and pics of how the Music Industry Park looks like next week directly from there. Have fun, and join us for the ride!


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