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Why Apple’s success in China is important for YOU

July 23, 2011

“Apple Inc needs to improve its Chinese market strategy to match its surging growthin the country, industry experts told China Daily. According to its recent quarterly report, the US-based company’s thirdquarter sales revenue in China surged six fold year-on- year to $3.8 billion. In an earnings call on Tuesday in the United States, Apple’s Chief Operating Officer Tim Cook said the company had huge growth in China for the past three quarters with total revenue from the country reaching $8.8 billion.“

Watch out, people, China not only has a lot of inhabitants, they also begin to have a lot of disposable income! China is already the second biggest app market in the World behind the United States, the movie “Avatar” is the highest grossing movie of all time because it made most of its money in China, and more people access the internet through their mobile phone in China than anywhere else on this planet.

If you haven’t made a plan that INCLUDES China, your plan is only worth half what it could be…