The Ministry of Culture is not letting approval go

August 22, 2011

This is a tough post to write. The day where music or any other media can be released in China without having been checked by the authorities is far away (see todays announcement here). Here at 88 we have people working from all over the World, amongst them Belorussia, Poland, China of course and me who grew up in East Berlin. So we had our fair share in content control in our lives. I never liked it as I believe in the freedom of speech. At best I found the use of content in a subversive way to circumvent censorship very creative and exciting.

But China is different though. From our experiences with the MOC content control is merely a political instrument, but rather a dynamics control instrument and closing down on piracy. I can follow the argument, that with the current explosive growth of wealth and opportunities in China comes a certain responsibility which the government doesn’t believe the Chinese people can handle appropriately. Thus they extend freedom bit by bit knowing that the people will take what the people want eventually anyway.

History has proven this to happen ALL the time, recent examples need not to be quoted, and China has not survived 5000 years without a reason … their wisdom allows them to understand that.

So let’s continue to make as much LEGAL music available as we can to brighten up days and lives!

2 Responses to “The Ministry of Culture is not letting approval go”

  1. I just learned about 88TC88, and I find this really exciting! I am a singer-songwriter from Newark, New Jersey, living in Los Angeles, California and I studied in Beijing for a summer in college. I think this is an incredible service, and I can’t wait to submit my music! Thank you!

  2. twitch angry Says:

    ya my music is legal here what do you need to send my stuff over there…Twitch Angry

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