Looking for a Social Media Marketing Assistant

September 26, 2011

You are what is called a ‘Digital Native’. Social Media is not just a buzz word for you but the very air that you breathe. You see the ‘big picture’ when everyone is still caught up in details and are able to break down the daily chaos into workable bits and pieces while keeping an eye on them. Being connected is not an option for you, it’s the way you live and work. Here’s your opportunity to join a team of absolutely dedicated entrepeneurs with a great vision and a ton of exciting ideas. Not much is set, so join us and use your experience and creativity to build something that will be way more than the sum of it’s parts.

Interact with our customers and interested parties in a respectful and honest way
Build, manage and develop our facebook, blog, Twitter outlets.
Find new coops and partnerships
Outline the technical requirements of coops for our developers and act as a interface between these parties if needed
Find and identify potential customers
Plan, manage and analyze campaigns
file weekly and monthly reports

Experience in advertising, online marketing and social media
Knowledge of SEO and monitoring tools
The ability to work on different projects simultaneously and drive them to success while maintaining the balance
Being able to translate remarks and ideas into compaigns
Excellent researching abilities
Exceptional flexibility
Highly developed organisational skills that still work in an hectic and sometimes chaotic environment
Fundamental understanding of technical relationships when it comes to coding
Experience in music business

Please send us your application documents via email.


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