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Baidu has crossed over to the “Bright” Side – and we support that!

December 21, 2011

If there is one company that has been synonimous for “piracy in China” it has been Baidu. For us it has been no surprise that recent news tells us that Baidu’s efforts to become a legit service have been acknowledged and the site is not “evil” anymore. We applaud Catherine and Kaiser for their efforts and are looking forward to our cooperation on legal lyric search with them (yes, you writers, you will earn money off lyric search on Baidu with 88 soon!). Here is to more developments like that! Merry Christmas everyone!


Things are developing fast!

December 12, 2011

Jonathan Smith tells it like it is. Having been a resident in China for the past 7 years and having established a very successful ecosystem around the import of Western acts on the live side of things he talks about the Chinese music scene in this interview. If you are aiming at this market this is a must read to improve your preparations. As alien as Chinese culture seems to appear to you, it actually is not much different from others. Market dynamics are market dynamics – be it in America, Europe or Asia! Relieved? Good.

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(Picture by Keso)