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There’s still room in the e-commerce business…

March 29, 2012

… and guess what – we’ll occupy it! With giant steps, China is aiming to become the leader in global ecommerce by 2015 with a sales volume of $2.86 trillion. But there is still a lot to do and learn for some of China’s biggest names in ecommerce as they continue to lose tons of money. So, the good news is: We have done our homework – watch out for our own e-commerce platform launching very soon.


Meet the Team

March 28, 2012

In our first installment of “Meet the Team” we talk to Li Liangjie who is our e-commerce coordinator at our Berlin office. Li talks about his love of music, why china is so important and why Berlin is the hottest place for startups right now.

Meet the Team – Li Liangjie from 88tc88 on Vimeo.


Nothing better than the real thing.

March 22, 2012

In an interesting move, Taobao just launched a website for the sole purpose of educating consumers about plagiarized products and shame vendors who sell these kind of products by listing their names.
That may be surprising to some, but it proves again two things we always claimed: On the one hand it’s getting more and more important to China’s ecommerce environment to fight fake products and shady businesses, but it also shows that Chinese people have no use for fake, illegal or low-quality stuff, but want the real thing. (Photo by jplust)

One company’s consolidation is another company’s opportunity

March 13, 2012

Today, Youku an Tudou announced the merger of the two companies. On one hand this seems like a surprisingly early market consolidation. But it also proves how viable this market is and that there is now new room for competitors. Apart from that, surely Youku was sick of Tudo suing them all the time, right?

Here’s another interesting in-depth analysis from PandoDaily.

Brad Lyons!

March 9, 2012

Brad Lyons is not only a good friend of ours, but he is also an unbelieveably talentend musician who writes great songs and records and performs them with his Oceanship-project. He has also been touring China a couple of years ago, before anyone thought of doing that… He’s currently raising money to record his new album and though it’s not directly related to China we think that his music is among the best we hear (and we hear a lot), so we’ll give him a little endorsement. Please take 5 minutes to watch his pledge video and think about contributing. Thanks! PS If you find it go watch his video for Hotblack, it’s unbelievably great!